plog: wireless blogging
Handspring users: If you have trouble using the plog.pqa application, use Blazer to visit

plog over the air! a tool I built to allow wireless Palm OS devices (like the VII, the new i705, or any Palm with a modem or other internet connection) to update any weblog that supports the Blogger API. (This includes any Blogger-maintained weblog, on any server, as well as Manila/Radio weblogs.)

installation     Download the [plog icon] plog.pqa web clipping application [9.6 KB; try this link if you have trouble with the download]. (When asked what to do with the file, open it; you will be offered the option to install it at your next HotSync.)

 new!  mailing list     send a message to and I'll add you to the (very low-traffic) plog-users mailing list.

usage & tips     See the help pages.

colophon     plog is written and maintained by dan sandler; feel free to contact me with questions or bug reports. (I can't promise I'll get to all the new features you want, however.) plog makes use of pyblogger and xmlrpclib and is built (mostly) in python.

disclaimer and license     The plog tool (including the web clipping application and the server-side pages) is © 2002 dan sandler and is free for private use. The source code is not currently released under any license, though this may change in the future. The tool is offered with no warranty; please hold me harmless for data loss or malfunction.

not using palm os?   If you're using some other, non-Palm browser, there's no reason you can't use plog — you can start here anyway. Note that some features, like saved passwords, will only work for Palm OS browsers. :: software :: palmos